The Student Success Blog will update you with useful resources, services and activities in our ESL Program and throughout the college. You will also find useful links for self study and study skills tips. Visit the blog often as information is updated weekly. Submissions, links or ideas for the blog are always welcome! Have a wonderful session at the School of ESL!

Peer Coaches

Meet your Peer Leaders!!  They are very enthusiastic about assisting and encouraging you by passing on effective learning strategies, leading workshops and study groups, helping you practice what you are learning, building your confidence and giving you feedback. They are NOT an editing service, so they cannot edit your papers but they can give you advice and assist you with strategies on how you can improve your work for long-term success.  They are also interested in helping you getting involved in the community and living language, so they offer a number of Events and Volunteer Opportunities for you to join.

Meet the Student Success team in  Room 311 and  our larger study/meeting space in 332. We welcome you to drop by anytime for  support and to chat.  Join in our workshop sessions to improve your skills outside of class in a supportive and interactive atmosphere.  The earlier you come  to practice, the more improvement you'll be able to see.  Form a study group in your level and we can meet your study group in your classroom after school--study smarter, not harder!  Check out our workshop and events schedule and our volunteer opportunities to practice your language skills, experience the culture and meet new people in the process!


Event and Workshop Sign Up:


Hello all! I joined in February, you can call me Ray! Like Ray of SUNSHINE! I also work for the Student Life Department at the Waterfront Campus and I hope to connect more students here to all the opportunities we have throughout the college! I studied Zoology at the University of Guelph, Culinary Management Nutrition here at George Brown and I am currently in Fitness and Health Promotion, also at GBC. I'm a trained public speaker and if you ever need any help in communicating, you know where to find me ;). I look forward to meeting you all and I wish you success in your time here at the college!!!


Hello everyone
My name is Ashkan.  I was born and raised in Iran and I have recently joined the Peer Leader team. When I came to Canada, my English was very poor, so I decided to go to English classes and improve my English. I chose George Brown College, which I believe is the best option for anyone who wants to study in Canada. I had a great experience during my studies at GBC, and I learned a lot from my teachers and Peer Leaders. That's why I am here to share my unique experience and knowledge with you as a Peer Leader and help you in your path of learning English. By studying at GBC, I was able to get a job in Canada and found many friends both inside and outside of GBC. Please come to me whenever you have any questions or you need extra practice for the materials covered in class, and definitely check out our workshops. I would be more than happy to support you anytime. Best of luck to all of you, and I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon at the Student Success office.

Hello folks,

My name is Alice, I’m a new member to the Student Success team, but finished my ESL program in 2013 at GBC. I know how hard it is to learn a new and different language. I’m now in the post-grad program with Sport and Event Marketing, so if you have any question no matter whether it's about academic or personal life, please come to see us. All our members will be really happy to help you out. By the way, I come from Taiwan. Last but not least, please enjoy your time in ESL.  We  have lots events and amazing workshops and clubs for you. 


Hi everyone!!! My name is Maryana and I am from beautiful and friendly country in Eastern Europe – Ukraine! I immigrated to Canada in the summer of 2008, and by far that was one of the most exciting and yet chilling events in my entire life. Canada is an amazing country with rich cultural and linguistic diversity that has given me a great opportunity to meet interesting people from all around the world. George Brown College has become a significant part of my being since this is where I began my journey in Canada. I used to be an ESL student in George Brown College, and then I became a Peer Leader to help all of you guys to succeed in this program. I recently completed the Criminal Justice program at Humber College where I was able to express my potential, make friends and expand my knowledge, and I am currently studying at the University of Toronto.
 I love meeting new people and sharing my experiences with them; therefore, I am looking forward to meeting all ESL students to support, help and encourage them. Good luck to each of you and remember “Education is not received. It is achieved”.


Hi folks! My name is Denis and I moved to Canada from Moscow City. My passion is learning languages and meeting new people, so I decided to join the diverse and vibrant community at  George Brown College, School of ESL. Taking ESL classes at GBC was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have ever had since I met a number of great people, broadened my knowledge about various cultures and significantly improved my English. I graduated from level 9 in April 2013, and joined the Student Success team. My goal as a Peer Leader is to help, support and encourage all of you! I am also more than happy to share my experiences with students who would like to continue their education since I am currently taking Construction Engineering Technology program at George Brown College. I am looking forward to meeting you!


Hi everyone! My name is Sina and I have been working in Student Success at George Brown College for more than four years. I can say that it is a great pleasure to meet students from different cultures, with unique stories.
We come together from diverse nationalities to learn a new language, and in our journey, which I like to call our adventure, we learn from each other. I can confidently say that I have learned so much from students and I hope that I have had a small contribution to your learning experience in George Brown College.
Learning a new language can be challenging, but together we can make it. You made a wise choice when you decided to come to GBC to learn English. Here you can improve your language skills in a friendly atmosphere, and you will never feel lonely.
I wanted to become a Peer Leader because I love helping others and I believe I can understand what you are going through in your ESL studies as I used to be a George Brown College ESL student in 2010. Feel free to come and see me in room 311/332. Even if you have no questions, I will be more than happy to chat with you and hear how things are going! 
Sina is currently double majoring in Human Biology and Psychology at the University of Toronto.                                         

Hello Everyone! My name is Esma and I am originally from Turkey. I have been living in Canada since 2012 and I graduated from George Brown College School of ESL in April 2013. Becoming a Peer Leader has been one of the most  rewarding experiences in my life cause I have been learning lots of things from each of you. It doesn’t matter whatever our age or nationality is,  I believe that we will understand each other very well because we all have been through the same difficulties, being students in a different country .  I am eager to  help each of you to make your dreams come true.
I am addicted to the horses and I have been riding horses for 4.5 years. As you can  see in my photo, I am also passionate about photography. Diversity in this lovely city encouraged me to buy a professional camera. If you see me and my love (Nikon) anywhere, please just smile at us ;-)


Hi everyone! My name is Roc and I can speak not only Mandarin but also Cantonese. Studying  in the ESL program was a wonderful experience, especially as I was very involved in various workshops, events led by Peer Leaders and volunteer opportunities around Toronto.   When I studied in the ESL program, I got great help from the peer leaders. I am so happy to join this team as a peer leader and I want to be like all peer leaders:  friendly and helpful to everyone at GBC. Feel free to drop by our office and talk to me if you have any problem or question.

Hi, my name is Guiegzee. Like most of you, I am relatively new to Canada – I arrived in 2011 from Mexico. I started the ESL program at George Brown College in 2012, and finished level 9 in April 2014. I was involved in creating two music videos with our wonderful staff and students, which was a great experience.  Therefore, I am happy to continue my involvement in GBC as a peer leader.
Apart from helping you, students, with English and other school related tasks, I would like to help you feel welcome and at home at GBC, and in this wonderful country in general. So please, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me. Of course, you should speak English with me, but in case of emergency you can talk to me in Spanish as well.


I am very excited to be a part of the Student Success team and happy to assist you with any extra curriculum activities, my dear friends. I came to Canada from Ukraine in 2011 and joined the Student Success family in 2013. I began my studying at GBC from level 4 and graduated from level 9, so I have been in your shoes, guys, and I know the difficulties you are going through. I am going to start my postgraduate program, which is Human Resources Management, this year. I think I will love my future program because I am good at communication and interested in psychology, and I also enjoy building professional connections and making new friends. Should you need any help, please just say the word, and I will help you with anything I can.


Hi everyone! My name is Esther and I speak Korean. I studied in ESL program last year, and I loved it so much. Awesome teachers, classmates and peer leaders in Student Success team. During studying in ESL, I had many opportunities to volunteer and attend various workshops, activities and events. Life in Canada attracted me to stay longer than I planned, and I now am in the program-Activation-coordinator, Gerontology. What I would like to suggest you is that try to “utilize” peer leaders. I’m sure you’ll have a number of information as I experienced before. Please do not hesitate throwing out questions! We will be more than happy to help you. Thank you:)

Hi amigos, I am from Colombia, a country where coffee is delicious and roses are very beautiful. My first language is Spanish. Moving to Canada has been over all the most exciting experience I ever have had, and learning a new language has been challenging yet rewarding. The ESL program at GBC provided me with the skills and knowledge to get a full time job and continue with my postgraduate education. As soon as I finished the ESL program, I had the opportunity of joining the Peer Leaders team. While I was working as a Peer Leader, I found a full time job for two years at an IT company. Currently, I am a full time student in the I.T. Business Analysis postgraduate program at the Casa Loma campus and back with the Peer Leaders team. Feel free to come to Student Success (room 332) if you have any academic question or if you just want to chat about life! 
At Student success you will find group of friendly people from different nationalities who used to be ESL students like you! We will be more than happy to help you out while having fun at our workshops and outdoor activities!

My name is Corina Espidio and I was born in Mexico. I am very fortunate that my grandfather encouraged me to start learning English during my childhood, he used to say that speaking English would open the doors to diverse opportunities in my life, he was totally right. After coming to Canada and graduating from the ESL program at George Brown, I decided to pursue post-secondary studies at The University of Toronto. I will graduate this coming November 2014, with a degree in Anthropology and Spanish (Linguistic and Literature). I can say, without any doubt, that George Brown provided me with the right tools to success in my studies and that is why I would like to contribute back to the ESL community. I am looking forward to helping you to achieve your goals as an ESL studentand also to make your time at George Brown College the best out of your cultural and social experience. 

Hi everyone, this is Jeang. I joined this awesome ESL Student Success Team in June. As a current student at George Brown College, I am a recent graduate of the Special Events Planning program and taking the Bachelor of Applied Business (Hospitality Operations Management) Degree bridging program, which is for students who have a two year diploma in hospitality. I am very passionate about singing, dancing, travelling, exploring, volunteering, networking, learning new things, creating new hairstyles, GBC school life, etc. I am a hugger, so when you meet me don't be shy and be ready to say HI & HUG me :)
Can't wait to meet you all and hope you all are having a wonderful George Brown College ESL Life !!!