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Int'l ESL Scholarships

Upcoming Scholarship Application Deadline:  
New Deadline:  Monday, March 2, 2015 
(as Feb 28 is a Sat )
Submit your completed applications to the 
ESL Reception/Main Office
Room 317 at 341 King Street 

Scholarships for eligible returning International ESL students are available twice a calendar year.
  • Scholarships of $1000: 6 Awards of $1000 for the February Competition
  • Upcoming Deadline:  February 28th HOWEVER, Feb 28 is a Saturday so you have until the next working day which is Monday, March 2.
  • be a registered full-time international Intensive English Program student
  • have completed at least two consecutive EAP levels with an A average
  • have participated in activities that have made a contribution to other students, their academic department and/or the College community in general
  • A cover letter briefly outlining the contributions you have made to other students, your department/School and/or the College community in general (include the start date/ end date of the activity; name of the organization; number of hours per week; and some specific details about the activity).
  • A letter in support of your application from a George Brown College staff member (for example, a teacher)  
  • You may include any other documentation or certificates that would support your application
Click here: Scholarship Form 

APPLYING FOR AN ITN (Individual Tax Number) 
If you do not have a SIN number, you will need to apply for an ITN (Individual Tax Number) for Non-Residents.  Please apply for your ITN before submitting your scholarship application as it can take several weeks to receive a response.  The form for an ITN is located at the link below and you must have your supporting documents CERTIFIED (by local officials such as a teacher, doctor, accountant, lawyer, teacher or official in a federal department or a provincial ministry).  To have your documents certified, you need to bring in your original documents (e.g. Passport) and a photocopy to the person who will certify that they are copies of the original. (Teachers can state on the back of the documents, "I certify that this is a true likeness of the Original” and Sign, give Title &  Contact Info and Date it) See the instruction on the form for sending this application to Revenue Canada (Ottawa) for an ITN.  Note:  you must have your supporting document(s) certified or your application will be sent back and it will significantly delay your application.  Revenue Canada ITN Application (click this link)

A cover letter is also written for job applications to give the employer a summary of your skills and qualifications, and how they match the job you are applying for.  A scholarship cover letter is similar because you are promoting your skills and qualifications as they pertain to the scholarship reward.  Describe your academic achievements, leadership skills, and involvement in the George Brown community (School of ESL or GBC in general). Indicate your academic/career goals and how this scholarship will contribute to those goals. Include any other information that you believe qualifies you for scholarship consideration and makes you stand out!  Basically, you are giving the scholarship committee evidence as to why you deserve a scholarship.