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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet your Peer Leaders!

Your Peer Leaders are all graduates of our intensive ESL program at GBC, and some are even current students.  Consider them your partners in learning!

They are very enthusiastic about assisting and encouraging you by passing on effective learning strategies, leading workshops and study groups, helping you practice what you are learning, building your confidence and giving you feedback.  Their schedule is posted on D304A and they welcome you to drop by anytime for a study group or a one-on-one session!
Meet your Peer Leaders for this session: 

Hi everyone!  My major was in Organizational
Management and I  became a tutor to help students improve their English; I enjoy helping people and hope that my knowledge and experience of learning English might help students to learn more effectively.
I love meeting new people and think that tutoring is a great opportunity to work with a variety of students from all over the world. I plan to go to the School of Business at George Brown College to further my education.
In my spare time I love reading novels and spending time with my family. I am glad that I’ve chosen GBC and believe that it is an excellent school to learn English.

Hello! My name is Arjola and I am one of the ESL Peer Leaders. I graduated from level 8 at George Brown College in 2008 and I have to admit that it was quite a wonderful experience because I got to know people from different countries of the world and was inspired by the wonderful, devoted teachers. I have studied English for many years in Albania, my homeland and its fundamentals are built in me forever. I graduated from the Art and Design Foundation program at George Brown College in 2009 and now I am studying Advertising at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design).  I really love English; I was raised studying it and I am very glad to have this position as a Peer Leader helping students improve their English skills. This position means a lot to me because I know the difficulties of a student studying English, and moreover of a newcomer in Canada trying to succeed, so I am determined to use all my knowledge and experience to help you succeed in this important step on your way to achieving your goals.

My name is Corina Espidio and I was born in Mexico. My native language is Spanish. I started learning English during my childhood thanks to my grandfather’s vision. He often told me that speaking English would open many and diverse doors to me. He was right! I completed a Diploma as an Executive Secretary in my country and after some years I also completed my bachelor studies in Archaeology. Being a peer leader has given me the opportunity to help others, and this experience has been very rewarding for me. Every day I try to learn something new and different which helps to make my life fulfilled. I am looking forward to helping you to achieve your goals.  “Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life” ~Henry L. Doherty

Hi, my name is Maryana, and I am from Ukraine. I have been an ESL student at George Brown College since last summer. Studying in GBC, I had a great opportunity to improve my English, to make lots of friends and to meet a lot of people from all over the world. Now, being a Peer Leader, I am looking forward to meeting all of you and to share all my knowledge and experience with ESL students. I along with the other Peer Leaders will be extremely happy to see and help you.
Good luck to each of you and remember “Education is not received. It is achieved”.

Dear ESL students! I’d like you to know that you are very lucky because you study at this amazing college! Moreover, you are ESL students, so you have us, Peer Leaders, who will be more than happy to see you, support you and help to improve your English! I finished the ESL program in December 2009 after level 9 and now I study business at GBC. I really like to meet people from different cultures and learn more about their countries, traditions, customs. I also enjoy the atmosphere we have in our tutoring sessions where students feel our support and understanding. But the biggest benefit for me is to see how tutoring helps ESL students  overcome frustration and fear while struggling with grammar or writing. So don’t be alone; come by to see your Peer Leaders and let us make your life easier!

I am an ESL tutor at George Brown College. Before I became a Peer Leader, I worked as a project administrator with key experience in public investment projects. I have executed projects financed by World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank for the Government of Colombia. I have a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University Externado of Colombia. In addition, I got a certificate in language and cultural skills in project management from Centennial College and finished the ESL program at George Brown College in 2009. I love being a Peer Leader because I can help students that have a goal in their life: to develop advanced English skills. I believe that perseverance and a positive attitude can help in any learning process. Welcome to the ESL Peer Leader Group!!!

Great to meet you!
I have a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and recently graduated from Level 8 in George Brown's Intensive ESL program.  To let you know a bit more about my background, I am a client-focused Psychologist / Counsellor with over 10 years of multifaceted experience in counselling, advocacy and casework, including extensive experience helping people with a wide range of problems. I have published more than 10 books on the use of Practical Psychology and submitted numerous Research Papers published in National Scientific Journals.
In my field, I have consulted students individually and in groups, designing specific programs to meet their needs, including facilitating workshops and presentations.  I am currently working with youth in Toronto and thoroughly enjoy it, as do I enjoy being a Peer Leader in the ESL program.  In all of my endeavours, I aim  to help individuals to discover their abilities and talents.  I very much look forward to meeting and working with you.  Drop by D304A anytime!

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