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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WEEK 6: February 16th to 19th

What's on this week in GBC's ESL Program:
1.  Digital Storytelling Workshop
Learn a very simple way to create a digital presentation using pictures, music, your voice and text!  A great way to engage people through storytelling techniques!
When: Wednesday, February 17th
Where: D318 (Computer Lab)
Time: 3:05 to 4:30pm

2. Speaking Bootcamp Workshop
Learn effective conversation and public speaking skills in a fun atmosphere with your peers!
When: Thursday (Feb 18 & 25th)
Where: D306
Time: 3:05 to 4:30pm
Public speaking is a skill and it can be learned!!

3. Summarizing and Paraphrasing Workshop
Practice essential skills of Summary and Paraphrase (spoken and written)in a small group setting
When: Weekly, every Tuesday(sched A) and Thursday (sched B)
Where: D333
Time: 12:00-1:30pm

4. Tutoring in the ESL Library
Improve your speaking skills!
When:  Every Tues and Thurs
Where: D315 ESL Library
Time:  12:30 to 1:30pm

5. Lunch and Learn with the Advisors for Level 7 & 8 students
Meet with Tracy and Joseph from Advising who will be more than happy to answer your questions about what services they offer and programs at the college.
Where: E078
When: Friday, February 12th
Time: 12:40

Also:  Do you want to learn more about Health and Fitness?  Are you a Schedule B student? (free this Thurs afternoon, Feb 18th)  Do you want to improve your listening skills in a real environment?  YES, you say??  Sign up for the Fitness and Healthstyle info session with GBC Fitness students, Eric and Ivan.  Sign up sheet is posted on D304, Student Success office.  Eric and Ivan will meet you in front of D304 at 12pm sharp on Thurs, Feb 18th.

Ivan and Eric will escort you to the Fitness Centre, tell you about the fitness services at the gym (including the option of getting a Personal Trainer once a week), answer your questions about fitness and nutrition, show you how to use the machines and equipment and give you lots of tips on how to get active!!

Wait!! Are you a Sched A student and want the same opportunity?  You are in luck!  Ivan and Eric will be conducting the same tour and info session next Tuesday, February 23rd at 12pm just for you.  Again, the sign up sheet will be posted on D304 and Ivan and Eric will meet you in front of D304 at 12pm sharp!!

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