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Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 8: Good luck on your final assessments!

Are you kicking yourself because you missed Celina's workshop on Email Etiquette?  Well, lucky you...Celina has generously offered to pass on some highlights from her very informative and helpful workshop.  Read on...

1. Use an email name that is appropriate.
2.  Sign your emails with your name.
3.  Use a meaningful subject.
4.  Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
5.  Use proper structure and layout.
6.  Do not write in capitals.  (It's the email equivalent of screaming!) 
7.  Do not use abbreviations and emoticons. 
8.  Include the message thread.
9.  Use attachments properly.
10.  Do not overuse “reply to all” feature.
11.  Reply to emails within 24 hours.
12.  Do not forward chain letters, virus hoaxes or humorous emails.
13.  Do not send or forward offensive, racist or obscene emails.
14.  Do not reply to spam.
15.   Does not use email to discuss confidential information.
16.  Be more polite than when you speak.
17.  Consider your tone.
18.  Write every email for your boss’ (or teacher’s) eyes.
19.  Avoid flaming.  Not sure what 'flaming' is??  Check out the following link to find out more:  Tech Terms: Flaming


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