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Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 Begins! Get Started on the Right Foot

Resources to make the most out of your learning!

1.  Tutoring in the ESL Library:  Every Tues and Thurs from 12-1pm.
2.  Tutoring at the TLC (Tutoring Learning Centre):  Speaking and Writing Tutoring in C503 with Peer Tutors.  Check out their blog for more information.
3.  Student Success workshops and Peer Leader assistance:  Check this blog ( for upcoming workshops on speaking, writing, summarizing and vocabulary, as well as info on study tips and events. Peer Leaders are available in D304A.

Workshops this week:

1.  Library Orientation:  Tues, January 18th/Thurs, January 20th:  3pm, ESL Library, D315.

2.  PowerPoint Basics:  Wed., January 19th:  3pm
The above workshops will be led by Amber in the ESL Library, D315.

3.  Speak Up:  Practice conversation and speaking skills in a relaxed atmosphere and make new friends in the process.
Wednesdays, D309, 3-4:30pm

Applying to College?
FYI (For Your Information):

The deadline to apply to George Brown College Full time studies is February 1st. This deadline is also relevant to all Second Career students. All students, excluding International Students, must apply to: There is a $95 fee to apply.

International students should meet with the International Centre at 200 King Street East to discuss their application process in greater detail.

Advisor extraordinaire, Tracy Cummins, will be available to meet with all interested students on Monday, Jan. 24th D241 at 12:50 to discuss the application process in greater detail.

Ten Tips for Student Success
  1. Attend your classes. But don't just 'attend'--participate.  Make your learning active so that you engage with what you are learning.  It will 'sink in' much better!
  2. Know your faculty. Make sure you know who your teachers are and don't feel shy to approach them!  If you have a question, by all means ask it!  Chances are, other students in the class have the same question.  If you have a problem and it's affecting your ability to do your work, speak to your teachers sooner rather than later.  Don't wait til after the fact to discuss it.  And make an appointment with Student Success!  We are here to help! 
  3. Make sure your teacher knows you. Sit in the front of the classroom. Participate in class discussions. This becomes even more important when you get into larger college classes but why not start a good habit now!!
  4. Use a daily planner. Note the dates of exams, assignments, papers, etc.
  5. Be organized. Prioritize your responsibilities. Manage your time. Remember everyone has the same 168 hours a week, only some of us use them better than others.  Cramming is not conducive to understanding and retaining large amounts of information. Spending time on your courses each day is the best way to learn. 
  6. Know your campus resources. Visit the Resources Page on this blog to find out what is available. Become familiar with the services and programs offered by the Counseling Center, the Career Centre, the TLC, the PAL Centre Office, the Library, The Life Works Centre and the Student Association.
  7. Take care of you health. Get enough sleep. Fatigue and stress weaken memory and comprehension. Eat properly, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep. Why not get involved in a team sport or join the fitness facility at George Brown College?  You can stay fit and make new friends in the process--a great way to improve your English!!
  8. Work only as necessary. Don't overdo it!  If you manage your time wisely, and study with your peers in a study group, you'll have more time for leisure activities so that you can balance your schedule. Meet up with a Peer Leader to support your study group!
  9. Get involved in campus activities. It will help you learn valuable skills, expand your social network and enhance your self-confidence. Seek out opportunities to apply what you learn in the classroom. FYI:  the Student Association is always looking for volunteers.  What's more:  you can add this experience to your resume!
  10. Keep your eyes on the prize. Clarify your goals and make them measurable and achievable.  Know why you are in college in the first place. Visualize your success on a daily basis.
And, as always, take advantage of the resources available to you.  There is help for you:
  • The Peer Tutors at the TLC in C503
  • Tutoring in the ESL Library, D315
  • Peer Leaders and Student Success Workshops, D304

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