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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Week 3! Check out what's on:

Workshops this week:

1.  Library Orientation with Bill McAskill (levels 4-6):  
Monday, March 21st:  3pm, ESL Library, D315.
Learn about the valuable resources available to you on George Brown's Library Database. 
You must register with your teacher in advance and because of the great interest in this hands-on workshop, we will be holding two more: 
Wed, March 23rd, D318 Computer Lab and 
Monday, March 28th, D315, ESL Library.

2.   SUMMARY/PARAPHRASE Study Group (levels 4-8)
 Paraphrasing and Summarizing are key skills that you will need throughout your entire academic and working career.  Come out to practice the essential skills of Summary and Paraphrase in a small group setting led by your Peer Leaders. 
When: Tuesdays (sched A) Thursdays (sched B) 
                                       Where: D317 Tuesday; D309 on Thursday
                                       Time: 12:00-1:30 pm

3.  Speak Up (levels 4-8) :  
Practice conversation and public speaking skills in a relaxed atmosphere and make new friends in the process.
When:  Wednesday
Time: 3:00-4:30 pm

4.  Writing Skills Workshop with Stephen:
Improve your planning and writing skills.
When:  Thursday
Time: 3:00-4:30 pm
5.  Memory Skills and Leitner Box Workshop with Mehrangiz and Alireza
Learn an effective language learning tool and memory technique and put relaxation and memory strategies to use.

The same workshop will be offered two times so choose the day that best matches your schedule.

When:  Thursday, March 24:  12-1:30pm, D230 A
 and Monday, March 28:  3:00-4:30pm, D301 
A sign up sheet will be provided to your teacher!
 Check out the video below for a brief intro to this workshop!

And, as always, take advantage of the resources available to you.  There is help for you:
  • The Peer Tutors at the TLC in C503
  • Tutoring in the ESL Library, D315, 12-1pm, Tues and Thurs
  • Peer Leaders and Student Success Workshops, D304

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