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Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 7 Updates

Thanks to everyone for your involvement in Caravan!!  

It was a wonderful celebration of the cultural diversity that enriches our program.  To quote officer Terry Russel, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,  "It was simply the best event I've attended in public community relations...all that it achieves is truly what the fabric of Canada is all about!"
Check out photos of the event on Facebook

Kurt's Volunteer Activities 
As always, for more details on any  opportunities or to sign up for email updates, drop by to visit Kurt in D304 on Mon or Tuesday or email him at:  Kurt will be an the International Volunteer Day event in the Student Centre Lounge, building E, Today.


1.  Summary Paraphrase Study Group  
Practice these very important skills in a small group setting.
When:  Monday  Where: D301  Time: 3:00-4:30 pm

2.  Listen Up 
Practice Listening Strategies and Learn New Vocabulary

When:  Tuesday   
Where:  Schedule B, D320  Time: 11-12pm 
Where:  Schedule A,  D332  Time: 12-1pm

3.  Speak Up
Practice conversation skills, improve your speaking confidence and meet new friends.

When:  Wednesday  Where:  D309  Time: 3:00-4:30 pm 

4. Writing Strategies
Practice Brainstorming, Outlining and effective writing skills.  
When:  Thursday
Where:  D320 
Where:  Schedule B Time: 12-1:30pm  Schedule A Time: 3-4:30pm

Exam time is here?  Feeling stressed out?  
Need some coping strategies?  

Check out this online resource.

GBC also has a stress management video online


Remember Today's  International Volunteer Day Event in 
Student Centre, Building E!

Visit the Student Fair, Student Centre Bldg E, to find out opportunities that you can get involved in.
See the poster below for details.

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