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Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 3 at the School of ESL

What's on this Week:
Please note the time changes due to Caravan Meetings!

Today there is lots going on!!:  

Caravan Meetings: at 2:30pm.  Check with your teacher for meeting rooms.

  Presentation Skills:  3:00-4:30 Room 336

Newsletter Club:  3:00-3:30 Room 309

Effective Intercultural Communication Workshop: 
 3pm, Career Centre (200 King St. E)

Entry Advising Info Session for Domestic Students
 3pm, Room 307

Book Club: (levels 5 & 6)-postponed until next week, Monday November 12th
 (room 334 at 3:30 pm)

Workshops, Clubs and Meetings:

Mon:  Caravan meetings, Presentation Skills and Newsletter Club; also:
Intercultural Workshop“Effective Intercultural Communication: Avoiding Communication Breakdowns and Making Yourself Heard”, 3pm at the Career Centre, 200 King St. E 
Entry Advising Info Session for Domestic Students, Room 307

Tues: Workshop I on Pronunciation with Ksenia (workshops to follow in weeks 4 and 5):  this workshop will focus on individual sounds [L & R & TH} 
(Workshop II, week 4:  Word Stress with Ksenia during Speak Up)
Workshop III, week 5:  Rhythm and Connected Speech with Mark and Dorothy)

Wed:  Speak Up

Thurs: Writing Strategies

Fri:  Volunteer Info Session; Games Club &
Entry Advising Info Session for International Students (room 307)

Events: (meet in the 1st floor lobby)  

Mon:  Newsletter Club meeting:  find out how you can get involved and published in our first Newsletter (write about an event you attended, a volunteer experience, a photo, a restaurant you enjoy, a highlight of your culture or country)  Email:

Tues:  St. Lawrence Market Tour and Lunch (bring $)

Thurs:  Bata Shoe Museum

Fri:  Coffee Talk  (check out a local coffee shop, meet new people and practice English)

See the link to the full schedules below and posted in your classroom for more details
Look ahead to next week for what's coming up in the coming weeks.

Click HERE for the schedules
Drop by room 311 to sign up or drop by our new home in Room 332!

Website to check out:  
Lyrics Training
Fantastic, interactive site to help you learn language through song lyrics.  It is free and you can sign up for an account to track your songs and the vocabulary you’ve learned.  Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels.  (type in "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars for practice or choose any of your favourite songs.

 Here is a good overview of the features of the site:

Also:  A fantastic suggestion from one of our active Class Representatives, Yiseth:
Check out "Toronto Babel", an intercultural language exchange held every Tuesday from 7:30pm, Upstairs @ The Rivoli, 334 Queen St.  (near Queen and Spadina).  It's a great way to practice language and meet new people.

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