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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Check out what is on Week 3!

Congratulations to our 6 International Scholarship Recipients!!

From left to right:
Munkhnast Amar, Viktoria Tereschenko, Sabrina Guining Liu, Cristina Mate, Jessica Yu-Hsueh Liu & Zhe Zhe Wu. 
Congratulations to all of you on your stellar academic performance and your community involvement!  Continued success to all of you!

Take advantage of all that is available to you and Get Involved!!

Join our Spelling Workshops on Mondays (weeks 3 and 4) to get tips on spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary building.  Come on out to our Competition: 3 Rounds, 3 Winners, 3 Prizes (weeks 3, 4 and 5) to try out your spelling and/or cheer on your peers!
Check the Schedules for details on days and times.
Also:  Check out great resource to help you practice vocabulary in context, build your own vocabulary lists for self-study and practice pronunciation and listening.  Words are used in sentences, and clearly spoken in natural English. 
Need help on getting started?  Check out these easy-to-follow videos on using all of the great features of Spelling City.

Also this week:  
Advising Information Sessions
Monday: (International Students)
Friday: (Domestic Students)

Supports and Services available free to you:

  • Peer Leader Assistance, Volunteer and Events:  Rooms 311 & 332
  • TLC (Tutoring Learning Centre):  Room 430A at 200 King St. East
  • TESL Tutoring: Tues and Thurs, Room 330, 12pm
  • PAL Centre Workshops and Assistance for students in levels 7 and above, Room B121, 200 King St. East
Speak to your Class Rep for more details and check out the links at the top of this blog.

Want to get real English Practice in a fun and interesting environment?  Join in our Activities or Volunteer Events.


Would you like to gain Leadership Practice? Speak to Maryana or Suzan about being a Volunteer or Event Captain for our various opportunities.

Connect and Get involved:  
Join our Facebook page community for updates on events and opportunities at GBC and in the GTA!

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