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Friday, September 13, 2013

Need a break?  Want to participate in some fun sports, work out or join a team?
Check out the facilities at the George Brown College Athletic Centre at 200 King, 6th Floor


  • Class Rep Meeting (1:05) Room 330
  • Speak Up  (2-4pm) Room 330
  • Mentorship Club - (2-4pm) Room 330
  • Blackboard Workshop - (2-4pm) (level 5-8) CANCELLED
  • IELTS Study Group - (2-4pm) Room 329
  • (TESL) Research Skills & Academic Integrity (2-4pm) Lab 343
  • (TESL) Conversation and Vocabulary Practice (2-4pm) Room 334 & 335

  • Movie Matinee - (1:30pm), Scotiabank Theatre $8                   (meet in lobby of 341 King)--see movie trailers at links below

  • Pro-nun-ci-a-tion - (2-4pm) Room 335
  • Conversation Cafe - (2-4pm) Room 334 (level 1-4)
  • Art Gallery of Ontario visit - (5-7pm) (meet in lobby of 341 King)
***note:  this counts as a workshop so please sign up here:

  •  Write Right  (2-4pm)
         Level 5&6 Room 314
         Level 7&8 Room 315 
  •  GenEd Study Group - (2-4pm) 
        Room 330 (level 7&8):  Watch & discuss "Life & Debt"
  •  Blackboard Workshop - (2-4pm) Room 332  CANCELLED
  • Volunteer Club (1pm) Room 330
  • Games Club - (2-4pm) Room 335
  • Toronto Island Canoeing Trip - (2-4pm) $15                       (meet in lobby of 341 King)
      Registration for the trip is required! 
      Deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 18 
      Register at rooms 332 or 311   

Also, Coming Up Soon...

Niagara Falls Trip!
What: a bus tour to the world famous Niagara Falls
Price: 40$ (cash only)
When: Saturday, Sept. 28 (9am - 6pm) 
Where: meet in front of ESL building, 341 King St. E. 
Why: to see The Falls and have fun with your friends!  
Register at rooms 332, 311 or by clicking HERE

Check the full schedule HERE for upcoming events and clubs, including the trip to Niagara Falls.
Speak to one of your Peer Leaders in Room 311 or 332 to register or click HERE to register for the workshops, clubs, and events.

Interested in Volunteering? - We have many volunteer opportunities to choose from which enables you to participate something you are interested in, that also works with your schedule. Please drop by our office (room 332 or 311) to register. AND, come to our volunteer club meeting this Friday, September 20th, room 330 at 1pm to find out more!

Also: The TLC and PAL Centres offer tutoring everyday, Monday-Friday.
Conversation Groups are also available at the TLC from 12-6 Mon-Thurs & 12-5 Fridays.
The TLC is located in room 430A at 200 King St. and the PAL Centre is located at 200 King also, Room B121 across from the Cafeteria  TLC Website

Stay connected and Get involved:  Join our

 Facebook page community  for updates on events and 

opportunities at GBC and in the city of Toronto.

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