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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 4: July 19th to 23rd. CHECK OUT WHAT'S ON!

1.  SCHEDULE A STUDENTS:  Take advantage of our 'Stress Management' Series of Workshops with an experienced Psychologist and Counsellor.  Mehrangiz will facilitate these engaging and useful workshops --there are 2 more consecutive workshops left--don't miss out!!
  • Thurs, July 22nd 
  • Thurs, July 29th
Where:  D 325
Time:  10-11:30am

2.  Summarizing and Paraphrasing Workshop with Alona (Levels 4-9)

Practice essential skills of Summary and Paraphrase in a small group setting.
Your Peer Leaders are there to faciliate!
When: Tues(sched A) and 
Thurs(sched B), Weeks 2-7
Where: D 301 (Tues); D302 (Thurs)
Time: 12:00-1:30pm

3. SPEAK UP!:  Speaking with Confidence (Levels 4-9)
A workshop facilitated by Stan Middlestat and your Peer Leaders
Want to improve your speaking? Improve your confidence in conversation using games and role plays . This 6-week workshop will focus on conversation and public speaking skills in a FUN and active atmosphere!
Where: D309
Time: 3:00 to 4:30pm

And for the Advanced Levels...

4. Writing Skills Study Group with Corina (levels 6-9)
A workshop to assist you with developing an outline for academic writing.  Brainstorm with your peers and learn how to organize your thoughts clearly and effectively.
When:  Tues/Thurs, weeks 2-7,
Where:  D 302 (Tues); D301 (Thurs)
Time:  10-11:30am

5.  TTA--Ted Talks Activity with Mehdi G.  (levels 7-9)
Practice listening and speaking in an academic atmosphere that aims to improve your listening and communication skills.  You will have the opportunity to discuss and learn from some fabulous speeches found on TED TALKS
When:  Tues/Thurs, weeks 2-7
Where:  Meet at Peer Leader office, room D304A
Time:  9-10am

Presentation Tips from Professors at the School of ESL!
 This week's Presentation Tip is courtesy of Andrea Rankin:

Engage and interact with your audience
- Ask Questions: "How many people want to improve their...[speaking skills]....[paraphrasing skills]...?"
Ask for Confirmation: "Don't you agree that........[stress management is a key factor in success?...Yes?  Well, then you should check out...]

-Establish and Maintain Eye Contact--remember the 3 sec rule mentioned 2 weeks ago??  Use sincere eye contact to make your audience feel involved!

When Presenting, above all remember the 3 V's: VISUAL, VERBAL AND VOCAL! confident!  :-)

Cool Site of the Week:

Harvard Business School’s site on how to build an elevator speech, also known as an elevator pitch  

  •  A WHAT???  An elevator pitch is a super-short explanation of an idea, a business, or a person designed to create further interest.  It's a great networking tool, and if you learn some effective 'catch phrases' and practice them, you can sound like a NATURAL!  Think of it like a mini job interview...
  • This site created by Harvard takes you step by step through the who, what why and goal aspects of an effective elevator speech with tips along the way.  Once you have completed the five steps, you can e-mail yourself the final product and practice what you say in 30 seconds to one minute...have fun!

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