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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to Week 2 at George Brown's School of ESL! Check out what's on this week.

We hope you all had a restful long weekend and that you were able to beat the heat.
As you get settled in to your new session, take a look at what is available to help you improve your English at George Brown's School of English as a Second Language.  Take advantage of what is offered and take charge of your learning!!!

THIS WEEK with Amber
Learn about all of the software and materials available to you in the ESL library.

When: Tues, and Thurs
Where: D315, ESL Library
Time: 11am

2.  Powerpoint 2007 
THIS WEEK with Amber
When: Wednesday 3.
Where: D315, ESL Library
Time: 3-4:30 pm

3.  Summarizing and Paraphrasing Workshop with Alona (Levels 4-9)

Practice essential skills of Summary and Paraphrase in a small group setting.
Your Peer Leaders are there to faciliate!
When: Tues(sched A) and 
Thurs(sched B), Weeks 2-7
Where: D 301 (Tues); D302 (Thurs)
Time: 12:00-1:30pm

4. SPEAK UP!:  Speaking with Confidence (Levels 4-9)
A workshop facilitated by Stan Middlestat and your Peer Leaders
Want to improve your speaking? Improve your confidence in conversation using games and role plays . This 6-week workshop will focus on conversation and public speaking skills in a FUN and active atmosphere!
Where: D309
Time: 3:00 to 4:30pm

And for the Advanced Levels...

5. Writing Skills Study Group with Corina (levels 6-9)
A workshop to assist you with developing an outline for academic writing.  Brainstorm with your peers and learn how to organize your thoughts clearly and effectively.
When:  Tues/Thurs, weeks 2-7,
Where:  D 302 (Tues); D301 (Thurs)
Time:  10-11:30am

6.  TTA--Ted Talks Activity with Mehdi G.  (levels 7-9)
Practice listening and speaking in an academic atmosphere that aims to improve your listening and communication skills.  You will have the opportunity to discuss and learn from some fabulous speeches found on TED TALKS
When:  Tues/Thurs, weeks 2-7
Where:  Meet at Peer Leader office, room D304A
Time:  9-10am

As always, your Peer Leaders are here to help you! Set up a study group and invite us to facilitate; drop by Tuesdays and Thursday and after school for one-on-one and small group tutoring. No need to sign up in advance--drop by D304A to meet us--our schedule is posted on the door!

This Week's Presentation Tips:

1.  Know your audience--ensure what you are saying is interesting and keeps your audience's attention (vary your pitch, intonation and pausing); speak to them and be ready to answer their questions if necessary
2.  Body Language--face your audience and use your ppt (point to the screen when appropriate); use gestures and do not read from notes or your ppt (you can refer to it, but don't read it--you'll put your audience to sleep
3.  Maintain Sincere Eye Contact:  Use the 3-second method, e.g. look straight into the eyes of a person in the audience for 3 seconds at a time. Have direct eye contact with a number of people in the audience, and occasionally scan  the whole audience while speaking. Use your eye contact to make everyone in your audience feel involved.
4. Pause where appropriate--don't race through your presentation, but don't be long-winded either!  Be concise in your details.
5.  Structure your presentation:  have a clear intro, body and conclusion
6.  Have a smile in your voice:   speak confidently--persuade your audience--maintain their interest

Overall, remember the 3 Vs:

-look around the room:  engage with your audience
-refer to your visuals
-use appropriate gestures
-use your voice as a tool
-don't speak too quickly or slowly
-pace yourself: use a variety of speeds and change the volume of your voice for emphasis
-refers to the words you use and the way you organize your talk
-have a clear intro, body and conclusion; --use attention getters to grab their attention
-use a variety of transition words between points

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